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What better way to enjoy and make the most out of your investment by freely appreciating its hidden wonders? Well, Presidio Lakefront is all set up to take you to a paradise with its world-class amenities and facilities. As you step in, you will instantly feel like you’re on a vacation given the inspiring resort style wherein you’re free to have fun and enjoy all the time, The active leisure amenities will surely boost your mood whenever you’re stressed from work.

First of all, Presidio Lakefront’s distinct aspect is that it answers to all your unspoken needs. There is a Town Center for commercial purposes which you can visit. In it, you will get to instantly grab everything you need without going out the premises of Presidio. Moreover, get to feel like royalty with the Village Center Residential with Clubhouse. The clubhouse is exclusive for the residents whenever they have the need for events or special gatherings.

But wait, there’s more. The Social Halls is great for your social life as you wander and socialize with the other residents. Its aesthetically-pleasing features will surely make you feel like you’re living the life. As you explore the place, you will be amazed with the Swimming Pool gracing the center of Presidio Lakefront. It’s the perfect getaway as you dip in the cool waters fit for our tropical weather.

For the sports lovers out there, expect a fitter and healthier body with the Multi-Sports Center. You can go ahead and play at the Basketball Court with your friends and family during the weekend. You can also start getting fit and achieve your body goals by visiting the Gym during your free time. Every morning, indulge in the great views as you sweat out in the Jogging Path.

For your kids, it’s also great to know that there is a Children’s Playground where they can make more memories with their friends and have an awesome childhood. There is also a Day Care Center where they can learn new things and be educated while they’re still young. You can just leave them to play while you explore other amenities or relax by the poolside. The place is definitely great families given the environment and lush greeneries you can see. The playground, parks, and courtyard are all landscaped to perfection in giving you that resort and vacation vibes. Isn’t that very convenient? Well, all of these and more are all for you to enjoy anytime.

For your greatest protection, Presidio Lakefront makes sure that you are secured 24/7 with our security people checking the vicinity and guiding the residents. There are CCTV cameras and emergency exits for any unexpected events. You no longer have to worry about your loved ones’ safety because Presidio Lakefront makes you the number one priority. So if you want to take a breather, you can just look out your windows and appreciate this God-given miracle. Living at the moment in your resort-inspired home is ideally the perfect life you’ve been dreaming of.

Lakefront Vista Lakefronts Amenities and Facilities

  • Town Center - Commercial
  • Village Center - Residential with Clubhouse

Function Rooms

  • Social Halls
  • Swimming Pool
  • Multi-sports Center
  • Day care center
  • Game room
  • Gym
  • Landscaped parks and playground
  • Landscaped courtyard
  • Jogging Path
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